Interview with Aleyda Solis – SMX Munich 2015 Speaker

Aleyda Solis is one of the most famous international SEO experts and frequently speaking at online marketing conferences all over the world, like SMX Munich.

Aleyda Solis speaking at SMX Munich

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Aleyda Solis, International SEO Expert, talks about her SMX Munich speech.

She’s one of the most famous Digital Marketers, focused on SEO. As a well-known speaker at conferences all over the world, she loves to share her knowledge with the audience. Through her company Orainti she provides highly experienced international consultancy in Search Engine Optimization, especially for American, Latin-American and European companies. We asked Aleyda what we can expect from her SMX Munich sessions this year.

Although most SEOs already know who you are, please tell us a little bit about yourself, what you are doing and your favorite SEO topic.

I’m an international SEO consultant – I have my own digital marketing consultancy called Orainti, focused in SEO. I’m mostly focused on International & Multilingual SEO Processes, Mobile SEO, Strategic & Technical SEO – I’m based in Madrid but my clients are from anywhere: From Dubai & Qatar to Singapore, the UK, US & Mexico, among many other countries; mostly enterprises with worldwide presence but also Web startups.

I’m a frequent speaker at online marketing events worldwide and have spoken in more than 60 events in 12 countries. I also collaborate as a blogger in the Moz blog and State of Digital.

It’s not your first time speaking at SMX Munich. What do you love most about it?

SMX Munich is one of my favorite conferences: Not only because it has some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry as speakers – and the sessions content is really good- so you can learn a lot, but also because being so big it gives you the opportunity to connect with so many other online marketers and SEOs from many countries, not only from Germany, it’s certainly a fun experience too.

In your opinion, why should SEOs and online marketers attend SMX Munich 2015?

See my comments above! I really believe there are not many conferences like this one: industry leaders as speakers coming from many countries to share great content and who are totally reachable to talk, and hundreds of other marketers open to connect… in Munich so that means also the beers will be the best, it’s amazing.

What is the topic of your session and why would you urge people to attend?

I’ll speak in two sessions: One about international SEO and another about mobile optimization. They’re both going to be very actionable, I will share with the people some of the most critical scenarios I’ve found when auditing the technical and content aspects of the sites and developing strategies with examples and will provide highly actionable advice. You can’t miss it 😀

What advice can you give SEOs to be more successful in 2015 and beyond?

I would recommend to focus more on those principles that will subsist and are the pillars of our work, instead of the tactics -that change fast over time-: how to connect better and more relevantly through organic search with your audience, how to better understand their behaviour, how to effectively make your content useful, relevant, attractive and make your site accessible no matter the device used, how to correctly develop, attribute and support among channels. Google knowledge graph, structured data, mobile SEO, app indexing, among others are a few of the areas that I would advice people to take definitely into consideration if they still haven’t.

Thank you for the interview, Aleyda! We look forward to seeing you at SMX Munich in March 2015!

SMX Munich 2015 – March 17th – 18th 2015, ICM – International Congress Center Munich

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Published by Daniel Herndler on January 27, 2015

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