Internet Marketing Optimization

Who can imagine life without the Internet and constant global networking? The possibilities of marketing and advertisment for companies, products and services on the internet are seemingly endless. Internet marketing involves all activities like SEO, SEA, social media and others to help using the Internet as a marketing tool. The components of Internet marketing ranging from search engine optimization and advertising to social media marketing, email, affiliate and banner advertising. Other sections are video marketing and even ads on platforms through fee-based company entries for example. But no matter what instrument you use to increase your online success, everything is measurable! The great advantage of online media and marketing is that every single piece of information, action, decision and conversion by users or consumers can be measured, analyzed and reported.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines optimization is one of the biggest parts of Internet marketing in general. There are two major intentions for online search behavior: research and shopping. Either we are looking for information or we are buying products or other services. And there are big differences in user and marketing behavior you have to think about first! Nowadays there are millions of websites which the same desire: Being number one in Google’s search results. Search engine optimization is a very vital process of online marketing. The main goal of SEO is to get the best position in online search which also means to become the most relevant website for a specific topic. Compared to search engine advertising this process is less expensive, but time-consuming. With the current variety and myriad of magazines, experts, tools and events helping you to improve your transparency, optimization and analysis, but also to get the latest news and information you need, SEO is much easier to understand and to do. With the ongoing increase of search SEO has become one of the main parts of every business worldwide.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The process of social media is generally known as digital technologies and media to make content more common, to share and exchange ideas and to easily communicate online. Using texts, images, videos and other media you can start global conversions via Internet. This also contains endless possibilities for companies and businesses to place there advertisment and share relevant content with targeted groups of social media users. The goal of social media is to attract these users and convert them from consumer to producer of digital content to improve awareness. The process of social media and social online marketing is also known as web 2.0. Using the Internet as social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other major social networks, gives us great potential on the advertising and marketing. But there’s still one last issue to remember: social media is not a “point of sale” for any business. It’s a place to interact, communicate and create awareness – but never try to sell your products like you did ten years before!

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