How Search Engines Work

If you want to become a SEO expert and successful webmaser, understanding search engines is the first path you should take. You have to know how search engines think, act and work to be able to care about optimizing your website and content for best positions in search results. You have to actually think like a search engine. (But don’t forget users!)

To know which websites Google loves read it’s webmaster guidelines.

Conversational search, semantics, Google Now, the Google Knowledge Graph, Google Glass – all these issues affect search behavior and experience of users fundamentally. Our search behavior changes Google and Google changes ours.

How search engines like Google work
How search engines work

Especially in search engine marketing and for doing SEO, it is essential to know what and how they think. Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other companies are improving their algorithm and software daily. They are much more than just simple machines nowadays. Search engines are complex systems to provide billions of quick and accurate answers every single day. And to be one of these accurate, relevant answers, you have to learn to think like search engines!

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