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Migrating To HTTPS May Decrease Google AdSense Income

Ad Publisher Income

After announcing to use HTTPS as a ranking signal, one mainly important step by Google was to update the AdSense ad code to support secure sites. But there is still something more to think about as an ad publisher.

An Open Letter To Google

Googleplex in Mountain View, CA

An open letter to Google to undo rewarding SSL certified websites. The whole SEO industry suffers because of security issues. With this letter we want to beg Google to move back to unsafe, worthless times of search. (#satire)

Google Uses HTTPS As A Ranking Signal

HTTPS and security as ranking signals

Now it’s official. Because security is very important for Google it now uses HTTPS as a ranking signal. A few months ago everybody thought about this topic because of Google I/O 2014: HTTPS everywhere. And now Google has gone a step further.